on soulmates

I had a dream last night about meeting my “soulmate” and it was really nice. It was nice that someone cared for me and wanted to hold my hand and kiss me in the middle of a bookstore. Or I think it was a bookstore. It was also a wedding (not mine) and everyone was dressed well. It was one of the first good dreams I’ve had in awhile.

I don’t think I believe in soulmates. I mean, it’s a super cool concept: we all have one person out there meant solely and exclusively for us and they will make us indescribably happy. It’s romantic and beautiful, but I’m not so sure about it.

I think there are a hundred thousand people that have the potential to be called “soulmate.” There are a hundred thousand people that we could fall in love with and be indescribably happy with. A hundred thousand different people could be our best friend and soulmate. There are seven billion people on this planet and it’s ridiculous to believe that only one of them is meant for you. The notion is romantic, but it’s not practical.

There’s so many people in this world to fall in love with. People we’ll never meet and people we have yet to meet. I think it’s more romantic to think about all the people we could potentially love than it is to limit ourselves to just one person.

Maybe it’s because I haven’t ever felt like I found “the one” that I think this way. Maybe it’s because I’ve felt like I’ve found “the one” too many times. I’ve met several men that could have made me happy for the rest of my life. For one reason or another, they didn’t work out, obviously. Maybe it’s because I’m still waiting on my soulmate or maybe it’s because I still have more men to fall in love with. Am I making sense anymore? I hope I am.

The point is, love is hard, but love is also beautiful. There’s so many people waiting around for the right person to walk into their lives. I think we need to change that mindset. Love is seriously everywhere. With seven billion people in the world, it’s not that hard to find. We’re just picky.

“Oh, well, my perfect man is over six feet tall”
“My soulmate sings and plays guitar”
“He has to have the same appreciation of Hemingway as I do”


There’s never going to be a “perfect person” and you’re going to spend your whole life trying to find them when they literally don’t exist.

I mean, think about all of your close friends. Not all of them see eye to eye with you on every aspect of your life, but you don’t love them any less and you get along fine. If you don’t, then you find a way to make it work. We don’t have lists and requirements for friendships, why should love be any different? It’s not.


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